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Dumplings – Lucky Peach Articles

Lucky Peach – 5th issue

I found a few articles on blogs from the now folded food magazine Lucky Peach. The magazine was David Chang’s brainchild and published on a quarterly basis by McSweeney’s. Lucky peach closed down shop in 2017 and as far as I know does not have an archive on the internet. But once in a while I find some articles and this post is mostly just a marker for me to access the articles about dumplings.

These articles are from Mandarin Mia!, a blog that curates interesting things about China and Chinese culture. Here the blog has posted some of the articles from the fifth issue of the Lucky Peach, The Chinatown Issue.


Great article about Chinese dumplings.

Momo - Dumpling

MOMO 西藏饺子
Originally from Tibet and Nepal, these dumplings were traditionally filled with seasoned ground beef or yak meat, but nowadays you can find meat (beef, yak, mutton, pork, chicken), vegetable (cabbage, potato), and cheese (paneer or chhurpi) varieties. Regardless of the filling, momosmust be eaten with the fiery red chili-garlic-ginger-cilantro sauce called sepen. Momos are a staple at any festive occasion, but for some Tibetan families, the dumpling’s resemblance to a purse makes them inappropriate for the first day of Losar (New Year); their closed shape is not auspicious at a time when the focus should be on openness and generosity.


Dim sum is typically softer and more delicate, while dumplings are chewy or crispy depending on how they’re prepared. Dim sums are rarely prepared without fillings, while dumplings can be filled with meat, fish or vegetables. Dumplings may be served with stew, gravy, or soup while dim sums are commonly served with tea. In simple terms, dumplings are merely a type of dim sum.

Shackleton’s Endurance found off coast of Antarctica

Shackleton’s Endurance

The Ship Lost To The Sea

Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance, which sank in 1915 on the Weddell Sea off the coast of Antarctica, has been found. A group of experts searched for the ship with underwater drones for two weeks before it was found at a depth of three kilometers (3,008 metres).

The discovery of Endurance was announced a century from Shackleton’s burial to the day, and a video of the wreck was published online. The ship is remarkably well preserved considering that it has been in the sea for over a hundred years. However, this was to be expected due to the depth it is at and the extreme cold it has been in.

The Shackleton Expedition

A cutaway view of the Endurance.

The explorer Ernest Shackleton led the expedition to Endurance, with Frank Worsley as captain. A total of 28 people were on board the ship when it sailed from England in 1914. Shackleton’s goal was to be the first to cross the Antarctic.

The route lay on a bay in the Weddell Sea, from where Shackleton’s voyage was to begin.

However, the ship ran aground on 19 January 1915 and sank on 27 October. It proved impossible for the men to tow their lifeboats and supplies along the ice to the sea. So they waited until the ice began to break.

They managed to row to the uninhabited Elephant Island, which was nearly 1,300 km to the nearest settlement on the island of South Georgia, where Norwegian whalers were staying. Shackleton decided to leave most of the men behind and rowed with five others for help.

The voyage took fifteen days, but they were not rescued, as they landed on an uninhabited part of the island and had to walk for 36 hours in extremely difficult conditions.

All the men were rescued, but the men on the uninhabited Elephant Island were not rescued until August 30, 1916.

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