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Fenn Treasure

The Fenn Treasure is a collection of gold and jewels hidden by Forrest Fenn somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The treasure includes over 100 pounds of gold coins, hundreds of gold nuggets, thousands of ancient artifacts, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. It is estimated to be worth $2 million dollars or more.

Forrest Fenn has been quoted as saying that he hid the treasure chest in an area where it could never be found without his poem and clues. He also said that “the treasure was not hidden in a dangerous place” but did warn that there were some risks involved with finding it. He believes that if someone takes the time to understand the clues then they will have no problem locating his treasure chest full of riches!

Fenn says he put all kinds of things into his book including history lessons about early explorers who traveled through what is now New Mexico searching for treasures left behind by Native Americans centuries ago. The book contains stories about people who lived their whole lives looking for lost treasures and never finding them while others stumbled upon great riches almost by accident!

To date only one man has claimed to have located Forrest’s Treasure Chest but many believe him to be a fraud because he refuses to share any information on how he discovered its location or provide proof that it exists at all!

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