My First iPhone, iPhone 5s

So after having lived in the era of the weird experimental phones since mobile phones became accessible to us not filthy rich. Having gone through so many Android phones I bought an iPhone today.

I always liked the iPhone ever since the original was released in 2007. But it was today I finally bought my first Apple phone, iPhone 5s.

Here is the first photo I took with my phone.

Helicopter coming in for a landing

I was walking into the National Hospital in Fossvogur when the helicopter came in for landing. I probably will never forget that day as it was carrying a member of the Icelandic Parliament who had had an accident in a glacier few hours earlier.

I was holding the new phone, just having activated the sim card before leaving the car. I found the camera and took this picture. The quality of the photo, capturing the spinning blade. The tiny sensor still has a long way to go before it will, if ever, be a match to modern DSLR cameras. But compared to the Android cameras this was by order of several magnitudes better quality.

I also took a video testing the slow motion feature.

Slow Motion Camera

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