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Christmas Beers 2015

Anchor Merry Christmas 2015

Every year the beer makers of this world make a little stronger and little worse beers than usual . In general the stronger taste is supposed to tone better with the stronger food of the Christmas season. I’m trying out each and every one of the Christmas beers. I’ll be updating this post with each of the beers with a short summary of the tasting. Why do I do this? Just to have a record of the notes. But if you get anything out of this, all the better. Continue Reading

OMG There is a girl following me on Twitter

OMG it happened! I’m freaking out here. A girl I don’t know followed me on Twitter! What to do? Jesus Christ on a tricycle, what the hell are you supposed to do in a situation like this? It’s not like you can contact your friends. I mean, it never happens to them, what the hell are you suppose to do now? I mean, this does not just happen!

Ok now, just relax, I will talk you through this. You can do this!
First of all, just wait and take it easy. It might be a pocket follow. In fact it probably is.

Give it a few minutes. She might realise she has made an followerror and take it back. An just like a dream, it is over, Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

But now if she has followed you, stay cool. Breathe, make your self a cup of coffee. Centre your self, and nonchalantly give her a follow back. Don’t be a creep about it. Just follow back and give it time to breath.

Now are the big questions. How far back into her Twitter stream can you go and favourite her tweets. This is a tough one. There are no hard or fast rules about how to navigate this situation. You kind of have to make a judgement call. If it is a funny person you might go a little further back into her stream. Funny people like other people to appreciate the craft that went into their tweets. But stop before it gets creepy.

But then we are confronted with another question. How do you favourite them tweets? There are two roads you can take here. Favourite few over a period of days or all in the same session.

In an informal poll I made with my female friends I think it’s safe to say that you do this all in one session. It says about you that you saw her, looked over her profile. Favourited the Tweets you thought were really funny and then you moved on. After that you just interact with her on Twitter like any other person. Yes, girls are persons too. No seriously, give it time, it will come to you.

Of course if the girl that followed you is a porn star… then I can’t help you… The rules don’t apply anymore. You are on your own here buddy.

Hope this helps,
With love – Eiríkur Jónsson, social media guru to the stars.

Apple Watch – As a safety feature

Fist when Apple announced the Apple Watch I wrote it off as a jewlery. I’ve not changed my mind for my self but I’ve been thinking about it and I could see it come strong into the market as a powerful safety feature for older people and physically disabled.

I could see it monitor the activity of a person and if the person goes suddenly to the floor or detects an unusual movement patterns (for example seizures), it could trigger an alarm that sends out messages to the caregivers or family members.

The accelerometer, and the heart-rate sensor could be a powerful combination to detect and notify when an impaired family member or in a bigger setting, an older person living in a assisted living community or a patient in a hospital or medical facilities needs help.

The Watch could also help monitoring patients suffering from dementia (like Alzheimers) and notify if they seem to be getting lost or wandering away.

An app that calls for help when pressed could also be integrated into such system.

I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this but the more I think about it now I can see a value in the Apple Watch.

Playing with photo restoration

I took a stab at photo restoration and took old damaged photos of my grand father and mother. The images were small and damaged.

My grandfather Helgi

My grandfather Helgi


My grandmother Lilja

My grandmother Lilja

The original images were almost stamp sized. I lost some of the clarity of the original images while working with them but when developed smaller and framed I think the loss will be acceptable. My grandmothers images had some sepia tones in them but I turned the image into black and white to match my grandfathers image. All in all pretty happy with the results but Ill see when they have been printed and framed if I’ll take another stab at them.

Just because I’m not going to buy the iPhone 6

…doesn’t mean I can’t buy one for my wife!

iPhone 6 Front

First impressions

Awesome phone that fits perfectly for my wife. The screen is superb and the speakers much better than in the 5s.

Still want a smaller phone with better battery though.


Sundar the cat

Sundar 2008

Sundar 2008

What kind of blog would this be if I did not post a photo of our cat. To tell the truth this is not a cat but a small lion. There is not a dog in the neighbourhood that is not afraid of this monster.

Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple watch

Apple’s presentation of the new iPhone was few days ago. There they presented the new iPhones (6 and 6 plus) as well as the new Apple Watch.  什麼亂七八糟的廣播了。I noted down few of my thoughts on it.

The intro videos are increasingly becoming more and more pointless. The videos were neat in the beginning but now it’s just something to endure. The video this time was way too long and borrowed heavily from OK GO!

I got the feeling a lot of the visual stuff in the video was not done in-camera so even it may have cost a pretty penny it felt cheap to me.

The new thing in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are:

  • Bigger screens (4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively)
  • A8 chip compared to the A7 in the 5s
  • M8 motion coprocessor compared to the M7 motion coprocessor in the 5s
  • Faster CPU
  • Higher resolution

What Apple considers a plus for the new phones

Bigger screen
For me the size of the 5s is not an issue that bothers me. If I really need to see anything as it was meant to be seen then I’ll throw it on the Apple TV.

It’s thinner
The new iPhones are now 6.9 and 7.1mm respectively compared with the 7.6mm of the 5s. I don’t see it as a plus. It would make much more sense to me If the phone would be still close the 5s using the extra space for a better battery.

More internal storage
Hard to argue with that.

Better video recording quality. 1080 x 60 fps vs 1080 x 30 fps
Which is nice.

The new iPhones are bigger

So the new iPhones are bigger, is that better? For me the size of the 5s is perfect. It fits in my pocket, my hand can do pretty much everything I want to do with it single handed.
I want a phone that fits my lifestyle if I may be so pretentious to call it that. I want a phone I can take with me to work. But I also want a phone that I can take with me to the gym, outdoors, hiking, climbing, hunting. I fear the iPhone 6 Plus is too big, too frail. I’m not saying it will break but I do believe it would be in serious danger of sustaining damage in the field of play. Most likely the tactical cases will protect the new phones, especially the plus one. Until I see it in the field though I don’t believe it will be robust enough to handle the environment that I need it to do. So far I’ve climbed with my 5s where I needed to hug the rock, I’ve used my 5s in heavy rain. It’s still in pristine condition. I seriously doubt the six could survive in my pocket in the same scenario.


Toposcope on the top of Keilir. Shot with my 5s in rain.

The new phones are surely better than the 5s in all aspects. My only gripe is with the size. Apple’s obsession with thickness/weight is baffling to me. Why thinner? Why not have it a little thicker with way better battery?

The Camera

The most important to me is the camera. The 5s got a nice upgrade when it went from 5 to 5s.

The front facing camera still has 1.2 MP sensors and still shoots 720p video, but the iPhone 5 has 1.75µm pixels opposite the iPhone 5s which has 1.9µm pixels. Little bit better in low light settings but that’s about it.

The upgrade to the main camera of the 5s was subtle as well with the f/2.2 aperture (for more light) as well as the dual LED flash (True Tone). And with the “Burst mode” for photos and the “Slo-mo” mode for video it does a lot of things well.

Having the lens protrude a little out from the case is not anything that bothers me. If the camera is better this is not even an issue.

How much better is the new camera in the new phones?

  • Faster CPU
  • Higher resolution
  • A phase detection autofocus is much faster.
  • Bigger pixel size. Yeah that’s always good.
Picture I took with my 5s while hiking in Esjan. beside a tiny crop this is how the picture came out of the phone.

Picture I took with my 5s while hiking in Esjan. beside a tiny crop this is how the picture came out of the phone.

In all aspects the new iPhones are going to be much better phones than the 5s but I will be sticking with the 5s and wait for the next generation after the 6. I’m hoping that Apple will bring down the size and add a little bit to the weight and thickness of the device.

The Apple Watch

Wear your jewels to bed Princess?

The iWatch... doh! I mean Apple Watch.

The iWatch… doh! I mean Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is a jewellery
Personally would wear something like Nike fuel band in the gym, out in the field and in bed. I would not wear a watch in the gym, outdoors, hiking, climbing and when I sleep.

For now it looks like it will not function on it’s own a whole lot. It is an extension of the phone.

The wearable wrist computer, be it in a form of a watch, band or some other form is the future, this first step for Apple into that future looks nice enough but for me it does not exite me. I might feel different after having used it for a while but I have a feeling the weareable line might have to go through a few iterations before it takes of. Uncoupling it from the phone would be the first step.

The Apple Pay

The new iPhones are now going to be able to function as a credit cards. The big selling points are the NFC chip combined with the touch ID of the iPhone. Chip and pin is apparently not a standard in the US so this is probably of much more value there than here in the old world.


All in all pretty nice progression for Apple. Nothing mind blowing perhaps but what is these days? Tim Cooks seems to be on top of things. Good times ahead.

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